Inter-caste couple receive death threat from community


An inter-caste couple have demanded security from the Saptari District Administration Office saying they received death threats for the inter-caste marriage.

Sanjay Sada and Ramita Chaudhary of Shambhunath-3 had tied the knot some two years ago after they fell in relationship. They had left the village following the marriage after the society did not accept the wedlock.

Now, the couple also received a death threat from ‘some persons’ of the village, Sada said.

The man had visited his parents’ home last week to meet his sick mother. “But some villagers threatened to kill me if I did not leave the village immediately,” he said.

Locals Tanuk Lal Chaudhary, Dhruba Chaudhary, Prabhu Chaudhary, Narayan Chaudhary, Rejesh Chaudhary and Suresh Chauthary warned him, Sada shared.

He added that the couple demanded security and shelter from the administration after his community did not accept them.

The couple have already gave birth to a girl child. He shared that taking care of the child has been difficult for want of a safe shelter and community.

In response to the couple’s plea, Chief District Officer (CDO) Birendra Kumar Yadav has directed responsible officials to ensure their safe living in the village yesterday, according to them.

The CDO has also assured to arrest those who issued threats to them.

“We are hopeful that we can go to our village back and stay safely there,” they said.

Source: THT