Insurance companies start hiring full-time civil engineers

Non-life insurance companies have started hiring civil engineers as full-time employees, as claims for damages due to earthquake of April 25 and aftershocks thereafter pile up.

Earlier, they used to have hire civil engineers on part-time basis or take the service of engineering consultancy services.

“Though claims have been piling up, there are few surveyors to assess the damage. Insurance companies have now realized that full-time civil engineers can make fair assessment of damages and are loyal to the company than on-call engineers,” Vijay Bahadur Shah, president of Nepal Insurers’ Association, said.

Insurance companies have received around 16,000 claims amounting to Rs 18 billion after the earthquake as many residential homes as well as big buildings, goods at warehouses, and other assets were damaged by the devastating quake.

Some non-life insurance companies already had some full-time mechanical and electrical engineers. But this is the first time that they are hiring civil engineers as full-time employees, said Shah.

Shikhar Insurance Company Limited recently opened vacancy for two civil engineers.

“Civil engineers are important to assess the damage loss as well as inspect big project sites before selling insurance policies,” Dip Prakash Pandey, CEO of Shikhar Insurance, told Republica. “We already had two engineers in our technical department. This new recruitment will take the number of engineers in our team to four. Pandey also said they would stop taking service of engineering consultant firms now onwards.

Shreeman Karki, director of Beema Samiti — the insurance sector regulator — also said civil engineers are needed to make proper assessment of houses before selling insurance policies.

Source: MyRepublica