Innovative student Ojha ventures airplane-making

Yohesg Ojha, an engineering student of Dhangadhi, has made an airplane.

The plane sans human being which was made using ´Python Programming Language´ was demonstrated on the premises of Aishwarya Vidhya Niketan Higher Secondary School on Wednesday.

The aircraft manufactured with the use of ´Carbon Fiber´ costs around Rs 80,000, said Ojha, who is currently pursuing his study in Bangalore of India.

“I am able to fly the plane without human being with the help of remote controller”, said Ojha, 17, adding, “I am effortful to fly a plane carrying passengers in future”.

Ojha, who was awarded by Getleaks, Computer Manufacturing Company based in US, while he was in grade 11, became second in ´Hackathon´ competition held in Kathmandu a year back.

He had demonstrated a new technology on sanitation campaign in the competition.
The plane that was flown in Dhangadhi on Wednesday reached 1,000 feet above in the sky.

Source: Republica