Indians, squatters living under tents in Tundikhel

It has been revealed that Indian nationals and landless squatters have been living in Tundikhel of the capital since three months disguising themselves as earthquake victims.

Nepal Army (NA) plans to evict them on Sunday itself. Genuine victims will get change to live in the open space until another provision.

“We failed to identify actual victims as we were busy in relief and rescue following the earthquake,” Colonel Prayog JBR said, “It has been found that others are taking benefits in the name of earthquake victims.”

Colonel Rana said out of 706 people living in Tundikhel, 350 have been identified as real victims.

“We will evict landless squatters, Indian nationals and those living in tents despite having their house and rented room,” told Rana, adding that some 100 people left the area in past three days.

“Those living saying that their citizenship certificates got buried will be evicted from today,” he told Myrepublica, “Landless squatters and others will be noticed to leave,” adding that plainclothes army personnel are collecting details of ‘victims’.

On the other hand, earthquake victims in Tundikhel have complaints that they have failed to find rooms for rent.

They have requested the concerned to let them live till mid-August.

“It’s not our desire to live in tents,” Chitra Bahadur Magar said, “We are tired of searching rooms to rent.”

Source: MyRepublica