Indian police men enter Nepal in search of ‘most wanted’ fugitive

Indian police men enter Nepal in search of ‘most wanted’ fugitive

A team of Indian police entered Nepal via Bara border in a bolero jeep informing Nepal’s Armed Police Force stationed at border that they were visiting renowned Gadhimai temple situated at Bariyarpur in the district.

However, the Indian police team consisting of seven/eight personnel including three junior police officers did not head the road leading to Gadhimai. Instead they headed 15 km north towards district headquarters Kalaiya.

They parked their vehicles at Bharat Chok and directly went to Janaki Hall Chok at Kalaiya-5. There the Indian police went to a retail shop belonging to one Pappu Shah, who goes by a name ‘Mitthu’. Mitthu is a fugitive from India. The plain-clothed Indian police caught Shah, who attempted to run upon recognising the Indian police.

Locals say that Pappu had arrived at the place few days ago. His parents had been operating the shop for the past few years. After his parents shouted for help alleging that his son was being kidnapped, locals rounded up the Indian police.

The Indian police produced their identity cards and tied to explain that they were trying to arrest Pappu because he was a most-wanted fugitive in India. No sooner the Nepal police personnel arrived on the scene to intervene and escorted the Indian police.

Nepal police later agreed to release Indian police after the latter called their Superintendent at Sitamadi and established a conversation with the Nepali security officers.

According to Indian police, Pappu is in ‘most wanted’ list of Indian police. He has been charged with three murders and two abduction cases.

Source: The Kathmandu Post