Indefinite strike cripples Saptari life

Normal life in Saptari district is badly affected due to the continuous general shutdown imposed by the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), protesting the proposed draft of federal setup in the new constitution. It has been 23 days since the UDMF announced the shutdown in the Tarai districts.

The folks are going through a very tough time for lack of daily essentials and other materials. Vehicles have remained off the roads while factories, academic institutions have also closed.

The businesspersons have said that groceries are left empty due to the prolonged banda. Consumers, however, have complained of black marketeering, mostly of the vegetables and other foodstuffs, taking advantages of banda.

The cadres of agitating parties have disrupted the vehicular movement along the East-West Highway at Bhardaha, Kanchanpur, Rupani, Kalyanpur and other areas in the district.

Meanwhile, crisis of chemical fertilisers due to the ongoing agitation has irked the farmers in the district. The farmers have not got the fertilisers for two weeks as there was short supply after the agitating parties announced the agitation. RSS

Source: MyRepublica