Indefinite curfew in Jumla

District Administration Office, Jumla, clamped an indefinite curfew in the district headquarters on Sunday after the situation turned violent. The curfew order was effective from 5:30 in the evening.

Earlier, police opened fire in after the demonstrators demanding autonomous Karnali tried to bring down the sign board of a government office. Seven people have been seriously injured in police firing. The injured have been taken to Karnali Academy of Health and Science Teaching Hospital. One of the injured has sustained bullet injuries in his neck.

It has been learnt that the police resorted to firing after the protest ors picketed the District Administration Office.

However, Chief District Officer Deependra Raj Poudel said he had not given the order to open fire to the security personnel. He said he had only given the go-ahead for “firing teargas canisters”.


Police fired over a dozen rounds of blank shots to take the situation under control after protest ers turned violent here in Jumla on Sunday.

The police fired 20 shots into the air after the protest ers brought down the sign board of District Police Office in Khalanga. The locals have been staging demonstration in the district for the past eight days demanding an autonomous Karnali state with special rights.

Likewise, over a dozen protest ers were injured, of them two are reported to be in serious condition, after the police wielded baton to disperse the agitating crowd.

The police are having a hard time to control the agitated mob that has surrounded the police office.

Source: eKantipur