Images of Gadhimai Festival

All text/images by Martyn Stewart

This beautiful young calf is standing on its dead mother with its family around slaughtered. Trembling and lonely, I went over to it amongst all the bodies to tell him i loved him immensely and promised this would end this year.

To Ignore Evil is to become an accomplice to it….Martin Luther King

And as we stood in the valley of death, we felt much evil……

Nothing short of lust for blood…..

I want to share my last image to you for today. I cry as i write this. I felt like a mugger taking this shot, this young calf was alive and watching me while it lay with its legs broken surrounded by dead bodies, his eyes were telling me he was in pain. I felt like other journalists that wanted the “shot” I constantly spoke to the dying and told them how much they meant to me, I told them not to fear me, I was not one of them but i’m sorry I couldn’t help you. He lay and watched me film him as he lay in his own feces.
I need to stop posting for a while because i cannot write through the tears….
Please share this beautiful soul so that he never dies alone….
We are a cruel fuckin species and i’m ashamed to be associated.

Beautiful Nikki Botha standing side by side with Ragu.
Ragu was standing alone protesting and had his banner ripped out of his hands, Nikki jumped up and pulled it back and stood with him.

This little guy was still alive, all the bodies around him are those he shared grass with moments before. Every animal that was brutally killed shit themselves, this little calf defecated and lay there trembling.
I cry with this visual, the smells stay with me forever…

All i could say was i love you and i’m sorry…….
There is nothing worse than feeling helpless but I will be here to tell the world his story and i’ll work to help get this stopped.

Imagine the pain and suffering this young beautiful animal is witnessing, Its family massacred in front of his very eyes, He was dragged by rope through the gates of hell and forced to watch his species decapitated.
I’m not the one suffering here, I only cry and document the hell he sees.
I wish a country could be penalized for this kind of abuse and have their animals taken from them.
A country is judged on the way it treats its animals.

We can all say we want this stopped but what are you prepared to sacrifice? If you eat meat then you contribute to this! This is an open house slaughter, In our country this is done behind closed doors…