Idle Jiri airport to be brought into operation

Preparations are in full swing to resume the operation of the Dolakha-based Jiri Airport–located in the entry point to the world’s highest peak Mount Everest – after three decades.

The airport which was completely halted since 2042 BS has not come to operation earlier however discussions were held to that end.

Though the representatives of political parties, social activists and academia of Jiri have frequently requested the Civil Aviation Authority for the resumption of the airport operation it was not paid any attention from the concerned authority.

Now the survey has begun for the reconstruction of the airport. A group of engineers has arrived in Jiri from Aviation Authority for the rebuild of the airport after a long time.

According to engineer Ashok Shah, the survey works have begun on Wednesday in a way to complete it in a week. The survey report will be handed over to the Civil Aviation Authority after which remaining works will move ahead.
Previous efforts to bring the airport into operation were not materialized due to dispute on the ownership certificate of the land in the name of the airport. This time the survey has started on consent that the representatives of political parties will sort out if any dispute emerges, said Nepali Congress Jiri municipal committee President Tanka Jirel.

The resumption of the airport is expected to contribute to the promotion of tourism and economic empowerment of the people of Jiri which was once compared to the Zurich of Switzerland. RSS

Source: MyRepublica