Hundreds throng Dudhpokhari of Lamjung on the eve of Janaipurnima

Hundreds throng Dudhpokhari of Lamjung on the eve of Janaipurnima

Hundreds of devotees have thronged the Dudhpokhari pond, a site of religious significance in the western part of Lamjung district, to celebrate the Janaipurnima festival.

Hindus are celebrating the festival on Saturday this year.

The pond is located at the altitude of 500 metres, in the bosom of Himalchuli and Bauddha mountains, in Ghanpokhara VDC of the district.

Another pond with the same name also lies in Dudhpokhari VDC of eastern Lamjung and it also attracts many pilgrims on this festival.

Both the religious sites attract hundreds of visitors on the day of Janaipurnima, which Hindus also celebrate as the Rakshabandhan.

It is believed that taking a dip in either of the ponds will relieve one of all his/her sins.

The site in Ghanpokhara is quite far from human settlements and road networks. Visitors are required to walk on foot from Paundi Bazaar of Dumre-Beshishahar road section.

It takes three days on an average to reach the site from Paundi Bazaar.

Many visitors complain that the trail to the site is quite tough as one has to pass through forests and ridges.

Experienced pilgrims suggest new-comers to embark on the journey after managing food and shelter for themselves.

Meanwhile, stakeholders have urged authorities to conserve the site as it boasts historical and religious importance and a potential to attract thousands of tourists.

Source: THT