Huge quantity of dead chickens put on sale seized

Police on Saturday seized a huge quantity of dead chickens put on sale from a cold store in the capital.

Following complaints from public about meat of dead chickens being sold in the area, police raided Welcome Cold Store at Banasthali and seized 130 dead chickens being readied for sale. The owner of the store, Nanda Kishore Gupta, accepted the charge of selling meat of dead chickens but claimed that the chickens died on their way to Kathmandu . The chickens were brought from a chicken farm in Sarlahi.

Police said that they were investigating Gupta’s claim to ascertain whether the chickens died on the way or were already dead when they were loaded from Sarlahi. Police has arrested owner Gupta and confiscated the chickens for investigation.

Some locals present during the raid vowed never to consume chickens meat after seeing the meat of dead chickens being sold from the store.

Source: eKantipur