House panel urges govt to provide Rs 50,000 to build shelters

House panel urges govt to provide Rs 50,000 to build shelters

The parliament’s National Disaster Management, Monitoring and Direction Special Committee has suggested to the government to provide Rs. 50,000 to the earthquake-displaced people for building temporary houses.

The committee, which is headed by Speaker Subas Nembang, took the decision in the presence of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, at its meeting on Wednesday as majority of lawmakers at the 73-member committee said that the amount of money being distributed by the government was inadequate to set up a temporary house.

The government had earlier decided to provide Rs 15,000 to those rendered homeless by the quake. The recipients can either choose to take the amount in cash or two bundles of corrugated roofing sheets.

The House committee has also said that the amount can be deducted from the Rs 200,000 which the government has announced to provide as grants to those whose buildings were damaged in recent earthquakes.

The government has said 550,000 private buildings, 10,000 school buildings, thousands of health posts and hundreds of government buildings were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of other structures were damaged in the quake.

The committee also directed the health ministry to provide free treatment to those who sustained serious injuries during the earthquakes.

Source: Myrepublica