Hospital canteens found selling substandard food

The Department of Commerce and Supplies (DoCS) on Wednes-day sealed the canteen at Teaching Hospital at Maharajgunj, while it has sought clarification from the canteen operator at Kanti Children Hospital.

At an inspection on Wednesday, the canteens were found selling substandard food products at exorbitant prices and not maintaining minimum hygiene. The canteens serve food to patients, caretakers and visitors.

DoCS Director Hari Narayan Belbase said the department has barred the Teaching Hospital from selling food items. Three months ago, the department had directed the canteen to improve hygiene, not to sell date-expired food and maintain reasonable pricing, but the canteen defied the direction, he said.

Wednesday’s inspection found houseflies and mosquitoes in curd sold at the canteen. It was also found selling date-expired fruit cakes and milk.

During the previous inspection, the department had seized date-expired juices and edibles such as chowmein from the canteen. Belbase said the canteen would be allowed to resume only after the hospital management assures reconstructing minimum infrastructure in line with standards set by the DoCS.

As for the canteen at Kanti, the inspection team seized date-expired food products and directed the operator to appear at the department to furnish clarification. The canteen, named Kanti Store, was also found charging exorbitant prices. The department said Kanti Store had

been operating without operating licence.

The inspection team seized date-expired beverages and bakery products from another eatery on the premises of Kanti hospital, Guheshwori Hotel. “The hotel HAS failed to maintain proper hygiene,” said Belbase.

Besides the canteens, the department also found food products sold by most of the eateries around the hospital areas unfit for consumption. Gauri Shankar Bhojanalaya and Khaja Ghar, B & B Tandoori Bhojanalaya and New Pathivara Tandoori Bhojanalaya were among the shops in the area that were found selling unhygienic food items.

Source: eKantipur