Home Minister backs police claim on Ghainte killing

Home Minister backs police claim on Ghainte killing

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam informed the parliament on Friday that notorious gangster Kumar Shrestha a.k.a. Ghainte was killed in an exchange of fire with police on Thursday broad daylight.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Gautam clarified that gangster Kumar Ghainte was killed in a crossfire. Addressing the lawmakers, Gautam claimed that Ghainte first opened fire at the squad of Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) patrolling team and the police had opened fire in self-defense.
“The police had intervened after finding the gang’s movement suspicious and tried to carry out their body searches but they tried to escape retaliating with the police,” DPM said.

Minister Gautam said that the incident took place at 11:30 am and Ghainte, who was injured in the incident, breathed his last at around 12:40 pm while undergoing treatment at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj.

But the lawmakers from Nepal Congress were not satisfied with the home minister’s statement and created ruckus in parliament claiming that the killing was pre-meditated and politically motivated.

NC lawmakers demanded his response and a high-level probe into the killing.

NC lawmaker Kaishar Sah demanded that Ghainte be declared a martyr.

“Ghainte could have become a top figure in the country and he should be declared as martyr as police deliberately gunned him down,” Sah said.

Accusing the police of shooting him to death deliberately, NC lawmaker from Kathmanbdu-6, Bhimsen Das Pradhan vehemently criticized the Nepal Police. He even questioned the relevance of court and prison in the country. The lawmakers accused police of violating human right with the backing of political top guns.

Meanwhile the relatives and well-wishers of the deceased protested in the Kapurdhara area in Samakhushi Friday. Vehicles were not allowed to operate in the area while shops were closed throughout the day. Ghainte’s family members and supporters have also refused an autopsy on the body and to take possession of it.

Source: MyRepublica