Historical caves in Mustang in shadow

Historical caves in Mustang in shadow

Historic and culturally important Gurusangbe cave has failed to attract tourists due to lack of promotion.

It is situated on the foothills of Mt Dhaulagiri, the cave is surrounded by panoramic views as well.
The Buddhist religious preachers including Rimpochhe had observed penance in the cave about 4000 years ago, said Sanpuk Lama, a monk living in the cave.

According to him, there are two caves – Dharmaguru Rimpochhe Cave and the Dolma Cave. The first cave is very deep and is difficult to reach to the bottom while the second one is 80 meters long and there are 108 small ponds inside it, Lama informed.

The cave is waiting for the sound infrastructure development so they can attract visitors. The religious and cultural researchers are interested in the cave but lack of infrastructure has put them away from visiting the caves. RSS

Source: SetoPati