Hello Sarkar opens round the clock during Dashain

The government said its Hello Sarkar grievances redressing system will open round the clock during Dashain holidays also.

Issuing a press statement, spokesperson at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM), Chhetra Bahadur Bhandari, said the government has managed staff to take care of urgent and emergency tasks to be performed during the festival holidays. 

“Members of the general public can file their complaints at the Hello Sarkar any time during the holidays,” Chhetri added, assuring immediate address of the complaints. 

People can call at 1111 and send text messages to the same number to filed the complaints, OPMCM informed. 

Also, they can fax to 1100 and email to 1111@opmcm.gov.np. 

The government has offered public holidays from October 1 to 7 for the Dashain festival. 

Source: THT