Heat on constant surge affects life across country

The scorching heat which is on a constant surge over past two weeks has sent normal life out of gear across the country, including the Capital. 

While monsoon stays over a month away from here, portions of east Nepal and plains in the Tarai region are witnessing the unbearable temperature in the daytime. Weathermen have attributed the current temperature to the flow of hot waves from Indian lower-belt including deserts of Rajasthan.

Talking to THT Online, meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD), Rajaram Dhakal, said that mercury has sharply risen in eastern region and in the Capital since past two weeks as there is no pre-monsoon raining except in some mountainous region.

As per the temperature updated at 3 pm this afternoon, Kathmandu Valley witnessed the day temperature of 33.2 Degree C. The temperature on Sunday was 32 Degree C.

The MFD informed that Bhairahaba has recorded the maximum day temperature of this year as 42.6 Degree C followed by Nepalgunj 41.5 Degree C and Dhanghadi 40.1 Degree C. 

As the normal date for the arrival of the monsoon is June 10, the heat will grow further, Dhakal said. According to him, there are no any chances of rain before June 10.

With the excessive heat, people are forced to stay within their home in the daytime. Also, people are thronging swimming pool or park to avoid the heat.

The heat has also taken its toll to the health hazards in a number of Tarai districts. While the outbreaks of diarrhoea, jaundice and cholera have been reported in the districts including Rautahat, Biratnagar, Makwanpur among others, a number of streams and rivulets have dried up in the hilly and mountain regions, cutting the production of electricity.

Source: THT