Happy to work in Nepal: CNN Hero nominee


Maggie Doyne, 28, is an American national, came to Nepal from the United States via India to commit herself to social services almost 10 years ago. And for the last eight years she has been providing education as well as residence to orphans and children in Surkhet. She has been now nominated for CNN Hero Award 2015

“I am extremely pleased to hear that I have been nominated for the CNN Hero Award,” Doyne said. “I did not do all this to win the award though. My only aim is to educate orphans as well as street children and I will continue doing so,” she added.

While she was in India in 2006, she had seen Nepali children working under dangerous and terrible circumstances, which inspired her to come to Nepal. Doyne decided to open a school after traveling to various districts of the mid-western region in Nepal. “I decided to open a school after I saw the orphans, street children and other children working as porters,” she added. Doyne then set up Kopila Valley School in Birendranagar in 2010. Around 400 students are studying at the school at present.

She has been operating the school through funding from her family back in New Jersey and friends back home. Of the total students, eighty per cent are orphans, child workers, and needy ones.

The School Management Committee Chairman Top Bahadur Malla said Doyne had been funding Rs 9 lakh monthly to support the impoverished children. “She has been financing the education of poor, needy and orphans. These children would have been deprived of education had Doyne not made these efforts,” Malla added. Her selfless service has inspired many American youths as well as Nepali officials. Sometimes back, Nepal Army General Dipak Gurung had taught in the school.

Kanti Khadka, an INGO worker close to Doyne, said Doyne had been providing education to the needy out of nothing but altruism. “The world would be a better place if everyone else were like her,” Khadka said.

Doyne credited all Nepalis for her nomination in CNN Hero Award 2015. “This is not only my nomination, Nepal and its people are nominated with me,” she added.

CNN Hero 2015 award is scheduled to be announced on September 1 this year. The award is conferred to one out of many social workers who have rendered outstanding services to the humankind. Earlier, Anuradha Koirala and Pushpa Basnet of Nepal had bagged the CNN Hero award from Nepal.

Source: THT