Haiti provides USD one million to Nepal

Haiti provides USD one million to Nepal

Haiti has provided USD one million (approx Rs 10 million) for the quake survivors of Nepal. The Caribbean nation provided the amount through Red Cross.

Haitian President Michel Martelly has already handed over the check to representative of the international agency.

“Haiti understands pain of an earthquake,” Martelly said addressing the function, “We helped as much as we can.” Thousands of people lost their lives in a 7-magnitude earthquake that hit the nation in January 2010.

Saying that Nepalis are facing similar pain Haitian faced some five years ago, president Martelly added that Haitians are sad over huge loss of live and property in Nepal by the devastating quake.He openly praised Nepal when asked why his nation poorer than us assisted Nepal.

“Nepal Army was first to reach here for rescue after the quake. They were also at forefront in search and rescue operation,” he said. Some 1,500 UN peacekeepers of NA were mobilized in the war-torn country after the quake.

“NA treated the injured by setting up mobile hospitals. I would like to thank Nepal and Nepal Army for that,” he said.

Source: Myrepublica