Green road verge project planned for Maitighar-Tinkune stretch

The Kathmandu Valley Road Improvement Project is planning to grow plants and grass along the shoulders of the newly widened Maitighar-Tinkune road.

Shyam Prasad Kharel, chief of the KVRIP, said construction of nearly half of the soil containers required for the project has completed, and they have started stuffing the containers with soil.

Although the Ministry for Urban Development has asked the KVRIP to use high-grade rich soil for the project, Kharel said they were unable to fulfill the request owing to the budget crunch. “This may be a first of its kind project in Kathmandu , but it is also an expensive one. After consulting some companies for cost estimation, we found out that the undertaking would cost around Rs 20 million, if we were to plant the best shrubs available.”

KVRIP also plans to commission the landscaping and plantation works along either side of the 2.6 km stretch to a private firm. It could announce the tender offer within a few weeks.

Given the high cost of the project, the KVRIP could also call on private companies to support the green road verge project, or hand the project over to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Kathmandu Valley Development Authority.

KMC to host exhibition for rooftop garden promotion

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is organising an exhibition of rooftop gardens on June 7 to attract more prospective households to its green campaign. KMC officials say the exhibit will encourage people residing in the city to promote greenery and food security in the Capital.

According to Rabin Man Shrestha, chief of Environment Division at the KMC, said the exhibition will feature photos and sample of the existing rooftop gardens. “ If people see pictures of a set up garden, they will be more interested in the endeavour.” said Shrestha. “ We also plan to display a demo garden where people can make their inquiries,” he added.

Since the campaign was launched last year, around 500 households in various wards of Kathmandu have turned their vacant rooftops into gardens, some of them are even growing fruits and vegetables. Witnessing the success of these gardens, KMC has also planned for the second phase campaign. “ In this campaign we plan to include more households and maximize our number,” said Shrestha.

People in these households have cultivated vegetables, fruits and herbs as these products do not take much time to grow and can be consumed within the household.

To promote rooftop gardens, KMC has announced to help those households interested in constructing these gardens by providing garden picks, spades, drums, baskets and other necessary tools.

The cost of building a rooftop garden could cost up to Rs 5,000.

Source: Ekantipur