Grand sacrificial fete continues in Gadhimai


Thousands of devotees from Nepal and neighbouring India visited the Gadhimai Temple in Bariyarpur of Bara district, offering blood of he-goats to the goddess on the second day of five-year sacrificial fete Saturday.

Goat sacrifice began in the early morning on the second day as per the tradition, said Motilal Kushawaha, Secretary of Gadhimai Temple Protection and Development Committee.

More than 5,500 male buffaloes were slaughtered at Gadhimai yesterday.

Devotees from Nepal and India attend the grand sacrificial festival, sacrificing buffaloes, goats, pigeons, roosters and ducks.

Chamars take away carcasses

As Chamars from Bara, Parsa and Rautahat districts stepped in and took away some sacrificed animals, contractors have demanded compensation from the Festival Management Committee.

The Committee had given a contract of Rs 16 million for the collection and removal of carcasses of sacrificed animals from the site, taking into the consideration of Chamars’s refusal to collect carcasses five years ago.

“We are in a heavy loss after the Chamars took away the carcasses,” said Dhiraj Sahani, one of the contractors.

Indians stopped, sacrifice

It has been learnt that hundreds of Indians sacrificed buffaloes in the Indian soil, as the Indian security personnel stopped to enter Nepal with sacrificial animals. Following an order from the Supreme Court of India, the Indian authorities had prohibited the export of water buffaloes to Nepal.

The Indian devotees from the state of Bihar carried out the sacrifice in an open field.

“We had promised to sacrifice buffalo for Gadhimai during the festival. We couldn’t make it there this time. So, we sacrificed buffaloes to appease the goddess,” said Ram Ekbal Sah from Narakatiyagunj of India.

“Swami Agnivesh stopped”

President of World Council of Aryan Samaj Swami Agnivesh, who came to Nepal in his bid to appeal to the masses to stop animal sacrifice, has charged that the Festival Management Committee stopped him from doing so.

“I tried to reach out to the devotees but the Committee and the concerned authorities stopped me,” the Indian saint said.

According to him, the authorities stopped him from staging a protest against such sacrifices also.

Source: THT