Grade-XI exams to begin Sunday

The examinations of Class XI will begin from May 15-25.

While the total 3,69,426 candidates will sit for the exam, a total of 921 superintendents, 2512 assistant superintendents, 1921 volunteers and 13,430 invigilators will be deployed, said the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB).
Likewise, 1641 staffers, 2476 office assistants and 11,052 security personnel will also be positioned for the test.

Arrangements have also been made for people with physical difficulties and those living in prisons and child homes to take the test, HSEB said.

Those found violating examination rules will be imprisoned for six months each or fined up to Rs 100,000, according to the existing law.

Likewise, the exam centre providing a leeway for students taking the test to cheat will be scraped.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the HSEB Dr Chaitanya Sharma said that a total of 31 monitoring teams formed under the leadership of various concerned authorities including joint secretary at the Education Ministry, regional deputy director, regional administrator and district education officers among others will monitor the examination centres to ensure the exams are held in free and fair manner. RSS

Source: MyRepublica