Govt ‘working’ to provide vehicles for parties’ top leaders

Govt ‘working’ to provide vehicles for parties’ top leaders

The demand for perks by lawmakers in the second Constituent Assembly has grown louder. After pressure from parties, the government is preparing to provide individual vehicles to top leaders of all the parties represented in the Constituent Assembly.

According to multiple sources, the Home Ministry has expedited homework on the matter following pressure from fringe parties. “We will try to provide vehicles to top leaders of all the parties. If that is not possible, they will be given an allowance,” said a source at the Parliament Secretariat. Smaller parties are pressing the government to take a decision soon. There are a total of 30 parties in the CA.

As per the existing provisions, only Parliamentary Party leaders of the ruling and opposition parties get state vehicles. The Cabinet will have to take a decision to provide the facility to other lawmakers.

In the previous CA, the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led government had provided vehicles to all the top leaders of the parties, including those having only one seat in the CA.

Besides, lawmakers are also demanding an increment in the salary saying it is insufficient. Lawmakers say they get around Rs 40,000 and they have to pay Rs 10,000 to their party in levy. They argue that Rs 5,000 provided to them as residence allowance is not enough.

Source: eKantipur