Govt will fix pricing of medicine, says Minister Adhikari

Health and Population Minister Khaga Raj Adhikari on Monday said the government will take control over the pricing of essential medicines needed for the people.

Speaking at a good governance program organized by the civil society in Pokhara today, Minister Adhikari said the government has decided to bring uniformity in the retail price of the essential items of medicines.

“The essential items of medicine are being sold in the market saying that this is our company and they are expensive,” he said, adding, “We will not let them do so from now onwards.”

With the trend fixing the sameness in the price of certain items of medicine in India, we also should follow suit when it comes to pricing the medicine in Nepal, Adhikari said. He is of the opinion that the government should not let the pharmaceuticals companies to fix the prices of the medicines, different from those categorized as free medicine.

He further said that there are over 12-13 thousands of medicines in the market. Even though government cannot fix the price of all the items at on go, our move will at least leave a system behind in pricing them, said Adhikari.

According to him, at the initial phase, the government will fix the price of essential of medicines including those of blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Jageshwar Gautam, official at the Ministry of Health Population, who is currently doing homework in this regard, told Republica that massive anomalies are taking place in medicinal sector since consumers do not bargain as they do while buying other goods.

Health and Population Ministry has recently fixed the consultation fee of the doctors, making it mandatory to display it outside the clinics, and it will soon take control over the fee of the lab test as well, informed Adhikari.

Meanwhile, he also appealed the civil societies to monitor the fee fixed by the ministry.

Minister Adhikari also said the government has fulfilled as many as 92 percent of the quotas of the doctors in the health bodies so far.

Source: Republica