Govt urges Ganga Maya to end hunger strike

Govt urges Ganga Maya to end hunger strike

The government has, once again, urged Ganga Maya Adhikari to end her indefinite hunger strike , expressing concerns over her deteriorating health condition.

In a press statement on Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Office said that the government has urged Ganga Maya to eat food and medicines complying with the suggestions of the doctors treating her.

Nanda Prasad Adhikari , who had been staging fast-unto-death with his wife Ganga Maya at Bir Hospital in the Capital for the past 11 months, had passed away last month.

Ganga Maya has been staging indefinite hunger strike since October 25, 2013 demanding investigation into the murder of her son Krishna Prasad Adhikari during Maoist insurgency.

Ganga Maya’s son Krishna Adhikari, then 18 years old, was murdered after abduction by the then rebel Maoists from his home in Fujel of Gorkha district in 2004. His body was later found in Chitwan.

The government has also said that there was no reason for the hunger strike as a legal case had already been registered at the Chitwan District Court against the accused of Krishna Prasad’s murder, and that legal prosecution was underway.

Source: eKantipur