Govt urged to follow process for transportation fare hike

A sub-committee under the Industry, Commerce and Consumers’ Interests Committee of the Parliament directed the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MoPIT) to hike transportation fare only after ‘more study’.

A meeting of the Supply and Consumers’ Interests Sub-Committee held today directed the Ministry to study rationale of indicators adopted to hike fare in the context that fuel prices are reducing worldwide, said the Parliament Secretariat on Wednesday.

The Vehicle and Transport Management Act requires the Ministry to study various indicators before reviewing the fare, according to the Sub-Committee.

It also urged the Ministry to consult technical experts and concerned stakeholders before deciding the fare hike.

The Sub-Committee had summoned MoPIT Secretary Tulasi Prasad Sitaula, Director General of the Department of Transport Management Kashi Raj Dahal, chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPC) Keshav Adhikari and representatives of transport entrepreneurs and consumer rights’ activists to discuss the issue.

Source: THT