Govt transfers 11 secys

Govt transfers 11 secys

The government has reshuffled 11 secretaries.

A Cabinet meeting on Thursday transfer red Rajan Khanal as Revenue Secretary at Ministry of Finance from Ministry of General Administration.

Gajendra Thakur has been transfer red as new secretary at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation from Water and Energy Commission.

Likewise, Madhav Regmi is new secretary at Ministry of Local Development from Ministry of Irrigation. Suresh Man Shrestha, has been transfer red to National Planning Commission from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Similarly, Dinesh Thapaliya, Regional Administrator at Pokhara, is new Tourism secretary, and Tanka Mani Sharma is new secretary at Ministry of General Administration. Anup Uphadhya is secretary at Ministry for Irrigation, Sharadha Prasad Trital at Election Commission, Shanker Adhikari has transfer red at Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Cooperatives, Aup Uphadhya has been transfer red at Ministry of Irrigation and Madu Regmi at Ministry of Forest.

Similarly, Ramesh Kumar Sharma is new secretary at Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, according to the Cabinet decision.

Source: eKantipur