Govt to merge 200 schools this fiscal

BHAKTAPUR: The Nepal government is all set to merge 200 community schools across the country in this fiscal year, as the last few years have seen a continuous decline in student enrollment.

The government had announced the merger of schools with very few students in the fiscal budget last week. 

According to Education Regulation, the teacher-student ratio should be 1:50 in the Tarai region, 1:45 in the hilly region and 1:40 in the mountainous region. Schools with less than 50 students up to Grade V in the mountainous region, less than 75 students in the hilly region and less than 100 students in the Tarai region and Kathmandu valley are to be merged. 

The Education Regulation adds that the walking distance between the merging schools should be less than 30 minutes. 

According to a report prepared by the Department of Education, in 2013 there were 34,782 schools across the country, including 29,272 community schools and 5,510 institutional schools. 

Ram Sharan Sapkota, deputy director, Department of Education, said the government was doing groundwork to merge the targeted schools within this fiscal year. He said, “Except for the schools in eight districts of the Tarai region, they have already merged 100 schools across the country.”

Earlier, a high-power monitoring team from Kathmandu was mobilised in Tarai districts that decided to merge around 75 schools.

Enrolment declines

According the Economic Survey published last week, students’ enrolment in public schools has been declining since 2012. It states that a total of 7.44 million students were enrolled from Grade I to X in 2012, declining by 166,202 to around 7.27 million in the last fiscal year and 150,882 to 7.12 million this year.

Schools shut

DAMAULI: Twelve schools in Tanahun district have closed down due to lack of students. They include Shiba Primary School in Satiswanra, Baljyoti Primary School in Ropakot, Laxmi Primary School in Jamune, Bhawani Primary School in Tanahunsur; and Mahadev Primary School. Baburam Devkota, assistant CDO said the schools have been merged with nearby schools.

Source: THT