Govt to implement agreements reached with Bara protesters

After opposition parties obstructed Parliament today, the major political parties agreed to form a parliamentary panel to probe the killing in Bara. 

Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam told parliament that the government would form a parliamentary probe panel and make efforts to announce Jayanarayan Patel, who was killed in police firing, a martyr. He also said it would implement other demands, including blacktopping of the road section from Simraungadh-Kalaiya to Birjunj within three months as demanded by locals. He requested Speaker Subas Nembang to begin the process of forming a parliamentary panel. 

Although Gautam had promised the House that the government would form a probe panel, opposition parties today demanded a parliamentary panel to probe the incident. They obstructed the House accusing Gautam of misinforming parliament about the incident yesterday. 

The Speaker postponed the meeting for half-an-hour. 

After Home Minister Gautam promised to implement the agreements reached between Bara administration and local protesters, the opposition let the House run smoothly. 

Gautam said the government would begin construction of Simraungadh-Kalaiya- Birjunj road section from tomorrow and blacktop it within three months. He said the road to Patel’s house would also be blacktopped. As locals have also demanded that the Simraungadh-Kalaiya-Birjunj road section be named after Patel and Patel’s statue be set up in Haripur VDC of Bara, Gautam said the government would begin efforts to implement the demands. 

Before obstructing the meeting of the House, Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav told the House that the Home Minister had misinformed yesterday’s parliament meeting. “The Home Minister said locals had tried to create communal riot and resorted to arson and vandalism, not that police had opened fire without warning,” said Yadav. 

Jayanarayan Patel of Hariharpur was killed and Nageshhwor Kushwaha of Amritgunj and Sah Mohammad Hawari of Hariharpur VDC were seriously injured in the incident.

Source: THT