Govt revokes broadcast license of Avenues Television

Govt revokes broadcast license of Avenues Television

Government has terminated the broacast license of Avenues Television.The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) terminated the license on May 21 citing that the TV failed to pay the renewal tax of the license of the TV in time.

Minister for Information and Communications, Minendra Rijal defended the government’s move to revoke the license.

He said that government decision is in line with the existing National Broadcasting Act.

“A meeting has been called for discussion on the issue at 10 this morning,” Minister Riajal said.

Expressing commitment on press freedom, Minister Rijal dismissed the allegation that government violated the rights of press freedom.

Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar, owner of the Avenues TV, alleged the government decision to annual license as an irresponsible and ill-intended act.

Rajkarnikar claimed that he has already cleared all the dues and taxes via check on January 14 earlier this year.

The MoIC had send a letter to the Television regarding the annulment of the license on May 21.

Meanwhile, Television Broadcasters Nepal (TBN), the umbrella body of private televisions, has condemned the government’s move to terminate the license of Avenues Television.

Issuing a press statement on Tuesday, TBN said that government’s move is unexpected and has violated the constitutional rights of press freedom.

Source: MyRepublica