Govt releases Rs 690 million to quake-hit districts

The government has made relief distribution operations effective in 35 earthquake-affected districts to provide relief to the earthquake-hit communities. 

So far, the government provided Rs 40,000 in cash to the families of those who were killed in the quake for performing rituals after the death while Rs 15,000 in cash was provided for the construction of temporary houses to those who were rendered homeless. 

Likewise, the government so far provided more than Rs 270 million to the families of 6,973 killed by the quake. According to the government report, a total of 8,712 people lost their lives by the devastating April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. 

Similarly, Rs 190 million plus has been released to the family of those killed in the quake as an additional compensation amount. Each family was provided with Rs 100,000 as an additional compensation as per the government decision. With this, altogether 1,961 families received the compensation amount so far. 

Likewise, the government has released Rs 210 million for the construction of temporary shelters in the quake-affected districts. The government allocated around Rs 687 million in the 14 districts that are worst-hit by the April 25 earthquake and many aftershocks. 

The government has allocated the amount to distribute relief support to the families of those killed in the quake and construct temporary settlement to the homeless people, said Spokesperson at the Ministry of Home Affairs Laxmi Prasad Dhakal. 

The government has already directed the district administration and local bodies to make the relief distribution and reconstruction activities quick and effective, he added. 

He said, “The government would mobilize the amount for the reconstruction after the certain time. We are doing homework for the necessary process to manage food and shelter to the affected people.” 

Likewise, Assistant Spokesperson at the Ministry of Urban Development Kabindra Bikram Karki said the Ministry would provide technical support once the political decision was made for the rehabilitation of the displaced people. RSS

Source: Myrepublica