Govt reduces public vehicles fares by Re 1 in local routes

The government has adjusted the public transport fares at minimum of Rs 13 at the local routes after an agreement with transporters on Wednesday.

As per the new adjustment, public vehicles fares have been reduced by 2.22 percent from earlier fare of Rs 13.72 in the local routes in the Kathmandu valley. Though the fare after adjustment stands at Rs 12.76, the government has decided to make it Rs 13.
Meanwhile, the public fares outside the valley have been also reduced by Rs 11.50 in Rs 500 and Rs 22.20 in Rs 1000.

The government had formed a four-member team to adjust the public fares, Chandra Man Shrestha, Director General of the Department of Transport Management, said.

The government adjusts transport fares on the basis of the Scientific Fare Determination Mechanism which states that transport fares should be revised after change in fuel prices.

However, the government was reluctant to reduce transport fare citing that fuel prices, especially that of diesel, has not come down by Rs 5 per liter since the previous adjustment in fares. The government last adjusted transport fares in February.

Source: MyRepublica