Govt proposes increasing life sentence to 30 years

Govt proposes increasing life sentence to 30 years

The government has proposed to increase the time period of sentence to life to 30 years from existing 20 years.

Such proposal has been made in the bill and criminal code devised to amend existing laws related to criminal offences.

The bill also provisions that the criteria and extension of the period of sentences would be stated in the laws, scrapping previous provision that the activity of increasing and decreasing the severity of offences would be in the hand of a justice.

The bill also proposes to codify those laws that are accommodated in different chapters of Civil Code. It has also been proposed to take action against those officers carrying out investigations and making false accusation.

Likewise, the bill has also proposed to grant mass amnesty on the cases expect for some cases of special nature after applying for the same to the President through home ministry.

The Legislature-Parliament is looking forward to collecting recommendations to the proposal from as much as people and aims to have it endorsed and introduced by the second week of June. RSS

Source: MyRepublica