Govt plans to send more Nepali workers to Europe

Nepali workers going for foreign employment will now have the choice of going to Europe and the US as well.

Foreign employment for Nepalis is now concentrated in the Gulf and Malaysia.

The new and lucrative destinations for jobs were identified by the Foreign Employment Promotion Board.

The Board has already developed an action plan to send Nepali workers to the developed countries.

“The process to send Nepali workers to developed countries has already begun and an action plan on it is currently in the final phase of completion”, said the Board’s Executive Director Raghu Raj Kafle.

The latest effort is to replace comparatively hazardous and less-paying jobs in the gulf by high-paid and less risky jobs in the developed countries, Kafle said.

Though Nepal has approved 109 countries for foreign employment, only 25 nations are receiving Nepali migrant workers.

Of total Nepali workers in foreign lands, more than 90 per cent are going to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

The number of Nepali workers going for work in Europe with official labour permit is only one per cent.

Majority of those going to Europe for work are technical professionals like doctors, engineers, nurses and overseers, said spokesperson at the Department of Labour Badri Bahadur Karki.

Nepali workers can be sent to work in Europe following a short training in the agriculture, industry, hotel, plumbing and wiring sector, adds Karki.

Source: THT