Govt not repairing border pillars

Even though some of the border pillars in Nepal’s Ilam and India’s West Bengal areas have gone missing and some are in dilapidated state, the Nepal government has not paid any heed to their maintenance.

While, the Indian side has been repairing border pillars on its territory on a regular basis, Nepal has not done anything so far.

According to Tejindra Gautam, Chief of Pashupatinagar Border Administration, there are 116 pillars, including main, medium and normal, from Maimajhuwa to Jirmale of 

Ilam.”Of them, nine have vanished and the remaining are in urgent need of repair,” he said.

Likewise, nine of the 16 pillars from Chhabbise to Tarai region have been swept away by the Mechi River so far. But, there is no exact information on when they were lost. 

“Along with the main pillars, there are 46 medium and 36 normal pillars. Many of them are on the verge of collapse. Pillars disappear due to lack of timely repair,” said Gautam. According to him, one main, three medium and two normal pillars were reported missing in a study report.

He further urged authorities of both countries to sit for negotiation regarding the repair of pillars and fixing of border territories. 

Source: THT