Govt making preparations for National Security Policy: PM

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala told the Legislature-Parliament on Tuesday that preparations are underway to draft a National Security Policy.

Answering quarries related to the Appropriations Bill-2014 during Tuesday’s session at the parliament, Koirala said the government was doing the necessary homework for a National Security Policy as it felt the country was in need of one. While making the draft for the policy, the government would build on advice prepared by a previous task force, Koirala told the representatives.
Koirala said the Appropriations Bill was prepared in accordance with government’s policies and programs and had set 2022 as the target for graduating Nepal from the Least Developed Country (LDC) list to a Developing Nation status. The budget had prioritised developing infrastructure to help Nepal meet this target, he said.

“If we can effectively implement the programs mentioned in the budget, then I hope we can finally gain the people’s confidence in the government’s commitment to development,” Koirala said.
“We also need to change the structure of the National Planning Commission to mould it in accordance to the changing scenarios and make it relevant to the present,” Koirala said. “The government is conducting a study into restructuring the body and its effectiveness.”

He also expressed the government’s commitment to developing science and technology since development was not possible without a vibrant science and technology sector.

An online system started in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to make its expenses transparent was being expanded across other ministries, Koirala said, adding that the government was working on making public-sector construction activity transparent and trustworthy. The government was also aiming to make the National Vigilance Centre technology advanced and capable, he said.

The prime minister informed the parliament that the National Cooperatives Policy had been formulated and was at the implementation stage. Cooperative division offices had already been set up at a large number of districts and preparations were being made to establish them in the remaining districts, according to the prime minister said. “The government is working on implementing its One-Village-One-Cooperative policy,” he said.

As poverty alleviation was multi-dimensional, the government was looking to develop the Poverty Alleviation Fund as an autonomous body under the PMO to increase inter-ministerial coordination.
“The Local Government Budget is like pouring water on sand. This wouldn’t be the case if we had managed to hold local elections,” Koirala said. Reminding the parliament of the government’s pledge to hold local elections within six months and issue the constitution within a year, Koirala said that it was now common knowledge that political reasons had prevented the government from keeping that commitment.

“You might say that instead of limiting my answers to within the boundaries of the answers to your questions, I started giving a speech,” Koirala said. “But I am doing this because I am worried about the future.”

Source: Nepalnews