Govt introduces quota system for fuel distribution

Govt introduces quota system for fuel distribution

The government has introduced quota system for the distribution of petrol and diesel effective from Monday. The government came up with the arrangement in the wake of crippling shortage of petroleum products after the Indian government imposed the ‘unofficial blockade’.

As per the new plan, the owner of a two-wheeler will be provided three litres of petrol per week. Similarly, a private four wheeler will be allowed 10 litres per week.

Deepak Baral, spokesperson at Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) said the public vehicles will be provided 10 ltrs to 30 ltrs every alternate day. “A taxi is allowed to refill 10 ltrs while a bus will be given 30 ltrs and micro and mini bus will be given 20 ltrs each per week,” he said.

Baral said the petrol pumps have been given instruction to keep record of the petroleum receiver to avoid duplication. “The petroleum dealers will have to state the record of the quantity of the petroleum distributed to vehicle owners received, on the registration blue book of the vehicles,” he said.

Source: The Kathmandu Post