Govt grounds all single-engine planes

After a single-engine plane crash-landed on Friday due to engine failure, the government has imposed restrictions on operations of all the single-engine airplanes for the time being.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on Friday decided to impose restrictions on all single-engine airplanes to carry out thorough inspection to find out whether the remaining single-engine planes are safe for flying or not.

After Friday’s accident, only five single-engine planes remain in the country, according to CAAN.

CAAN took the decision following a directive by Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ananda Raj Pokharel to take necessary measures to ensure that the remaining single-engine planes are safe for flying.

“Looking at what happened to an Air Kasthamandap’s single-engine plane on Friday, we cannot take any more risk. So, I have directed CAAN to take all necessary measures to ensure that no such incidents repeat with single-engine planes in the future,” said Minister Pokharel taking to Republica.

Director General of CAAN Sanjiv Gautam said that single-engine planes will remain grounded until CAAN carries out thorough inspection of the remaining single-engine planes and ensures that they are safe for flying,” he said.

“For the time being, the single-engine planes will neither carry passengers nor cargo. We decided to inspect the remaining planes as Friday’s accident was the result of engine failure. We will decide on what to do if any plane is found unsafe only after the inspection,” he added.

He said that teams of the CAAN are going to Nepalgunj and Surkhet on Saturday to find out the remaining single-engine planes are in flying conditions or not.

Kasthamandap had two single-engine planes but is now left with only one while Makalu Air Pvt Ltd has two and Goma Air has two single-engine planes.

Source: MyRepublica