Govt files sedition case against CK Raut

KATHMANDU: The government has filed a sedition case against Chandra Kant (CK) Raut, who was demanding a right to secession in the new constitution.

The Madhesi activist was arrested on September 14 from Rangeli of Morang for making speeches in public demanding that the new constitution provide the right to secession.

The Government’s Attorney Office filed the case at the Special Court today.

The government has demanded life imprisonment for him as per Section 3(1) the Crime against State and Punishment Act, 1989.

The District Police Office, Morang has also filed a public offence case against him.

Under the police custody, Raut had staged a fast-unto-death demanding that the government ensure his right to free expression. He had ended the strike after 11 days on October 1 after the government expressed a commitment to respect his right to expression.

Earlier on September 24, the Supreme Court had quashed a writ of habeas corpus in relation to him, claiming the apex court cannot intervene since the person in question was already in detention as per the order of lower courts.

Source: THT