Govt bid to distribute cooking gas on schedule flops yet again

Govt bid to distribute cooking gas on schedule flops yet again

Scores of cooking gas consumers have vented their ire over the failure of the government to effectively distribute the fuel on Saturday.

The recent move of the government to provide the customers with fuel has nose-dived yet again at Chabahil-Chuchchepati areas as hundreds of customers were sent back home without cooking gas today.

Many of the locals who have been patiently standing in the line have not yet received cooking even today.

The government itself has started distributing cooking gas after it failed to break the carteling of the gas dealers that are allegedly creating an artificial shortage of the cooking gas in the market.

Local Ashtha Maya Shrestha, who is standing in the line since 6 this morning, is not certain when the cooking gas will be distributed. “I have been in the queue since 6 am but I have not got a cylinder of cooking gas yet. The depot owner has fled pasting a notice. There is no gas in my house since 8 days,” She whined.

There are hundreds of customers queuing up for cooking gas like Ashta Maya. The gas storehouse has been locked up with a notice that reads there is ‘no gas inside.’

Earlier on Sunday and Monday, the government had distributed cooking gas through National Trading Ltd at Teku. The distribution did not become ineffective as many customers did not get cooking evening after waiting for the whole day.

After the distribution was found ineffective, it has decided to distribute cooking gas at various places on schedule.

At a time the government is courting criticism from all quarters for being a mute spectator over the cartel ling system of the gas distributers, the government has yet again failed to address the woes of the cooking gas customers.

Customers have been lashing out at the government for being a mute spectator over the carteling of the gas depots that have allegedly created an artificial cooking gas church in the market.

Source: Republica