Govt appeals for contributions to PM Disaster Relief Fund

The government has appealed to all to make contributions to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund to help with the treatment, rescue and relief of those caught in the Saturday earthquake and to facilitate the unprecedented scale of disaster management.

Stating that the effort of the government alone was not sufficient to address the rising need of rescue and relief, the government has requested all citizens, the private sector, civil servants, bilateral and multilateral regional/international donor agencies and friendly nations, and the international community as a whole to provide necessary support from their respective side.

Anyone wishing to make contributions can do so by making deposits to any of the Relief Fund bank accounts namely 00100105200270 and 00101102200012 at Everest Bank, 002-11-053313 at Nepal Bank Limited, 0411010000005 at Global Bank Limited, 18013243801 at Standard Chartered Bank and 035142 ‘C’ at Nepal Bangladesh Bank limited, says an appeal issued by the Government here today. RSS

Source: Myrepublica