Government to publish book explaining all services

The Ministry of General Administration is going to publish a book titled ‘What Does Government Do?’ The book would incorporate details of the major works to be carried out by all the ministries.

According to the Ministry, it has asked all the ministries to provide details of the major works to be carried out by their subordinate bodies for the same.

Joint-Secretary at the Ministry, Kiran Raj Sharma, said, “The book will incorporate information about the services, social security, subsidy, discount, among others being provided by the government bodies.”

“It is necessary to publish a book to inform the people that what types of service and facility the government has been providing to them.”

The book would be published by February 12 as the ministries have been started providing the detail about their works.

People can easily get information about the services being provided by respective ministries once the book is published.

Source: THT