Government initiates process to bring back Dangi’s body

Government initiates process to bring back Dangi’s body

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken initiatives to bring back the body of the world’s shortest man Chandra Bahadur Dangi, which has been stuck in the USA due to financial and legal complexities. Dangi had died on September 3 while undergoing treatment for pneumonia in a US hospital and hasn’t been released as the hospital bills are yet to be cleared.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey said that they have already initiated diplomatic efforts with the American government to bring his body via cargo.
“Currently, the government has been discussing on the issue and will be sending the total amount required to Dangi’s nephew Dolakh very soon,” Pandey said. The total cost incurred during Dangi’s medical treatment is Rs 2 milllion.

PM Sushil Koirala on Wednesday had directed the foreign minister to look into the matter and take necessary actions to bring back Dangi’s body.

Deepak Giri, CA representative from Dang said, “Helping Dolakh in such an hour of need will be the country’s way of showing respect to our nation’s concern for its citizen.”

A circus named ‘Magic Circus of Samoa’ had hired Dangi for six months with a verbal agreement of paying Rs 2.6 million in total, out of which only Rs 100,000 was sent to incur travel expenses. The company had assured to pay Dangi’s treatment fees but they refused to do so after his death, according to Dolakh.

The circus had taken Dangi and his nephew, Dolakh, to the USA from Kathmandu without legal visa, due to which Dolakh needs to apply for a new visa in order to come back.

Yogendra Dahal Chhetri, a resident of Samakhushi, Kathmandu, who had been staying in Western Samoa was in touch with Dangi during his stay there.

“The issue of illegal documents has worsened the situation even more,” said Chhetri, a UNICEF staff at Western Samoa.

According to Dolakh, Dr Lav Chaurasiya, a medical doctor from Birjung has been helping him to legally establish a relationship with Chandra Bahadur Dangi, which is yet another hurdle in the case.

Dangi taken to USA illegally

Dolakh and Dangi had flown for the USA on March 17. They were first taken to Mumbai in India then to South Korea and finally to Samoa in the USA through Fiji. Chhetri informed that people do not require visa in South Korea and Fiji for transit, which is why the circus took that route to save their additional cost.

The duo had spent about three months in Western Samoa visiting various villages every-day. Visitors had to pay Rs 500 for clicking pictures with Dangi.

Dolakh said, “We came to know about selfish interests of the circus by observing the way they treated uncle. He was kept in tarpaulin rugs all day, which sickened him.”

Dolakh informed that both of them were unknown about the illegal routes adopted to take them to Western Samoa.

Source: MyRepublica