Google to bring free WiFi worldwide, starting with New York

Google to bring free WiFi worldwide, starting with New York

Code-named Sidewalk Labs (or actually just named that, but it sounds cooler if you say it’s code), the project will bring free WiFi to the streets of one of the world’s biggest cities and will do so in a pretty innovative way. The scheme to conquer the whole planet will start in New York City this autumn.

The internet behemoth plans to turn around 10,000 of the city’s old public phone booths into WiFi pylons essentially, and they will all feature ads on them so that they can fund the project to bring the world online.

The booths will have more than just the WiFi hub in them however, as they will also give you somewhere to charge your phone, make free domestic phone calls and a touch screen information hub that will provide you with everything you need to know about the city, as well as transport updates so you can plan your way around the place.

If it proves to be a success, then Google will roll the plan out in other cities around the world in the hopes that they can get most of the planet online. It’s good news for phone booth enthusiasts too, they haven’t had much to be excited about since Hollywood cruelly stopped featuring them in movies.

Source: Myrepublica