Google launches Person Finder app for info on earthquake victims

In response to the Saturday earthquake, Google has created a dedicated handle in its Person Finder app to help locate and report missing persons. A link to the application has been provided on Google’s home page You can click on the ‘Resources related to Nepal Earthquake’ link below the search bar.

The website claims that it is currently tracking about 5300 records. One can search for a person by clicking on “I’m looking for someone” button. If no records are available for the person, a new ‘missing person’ record can be created.

Similarly, information on someone can be uploaded by clicking on “I have information on someone” button. Here detailed information about a person along with photo and status can be reported.

A project of Google Crisis Response, which is a part of, Google Person Finder uses a common format for sharing disaster information. The program also has an option to subscribe to updates on a particular person.

Source: eKantipur