Gongabu area bears the brunt again‚ a dozen buildings collapse

Gongabu and surrounding areas remained tense following the fresh jolt this afternoon that measured 6.8 on the Richter scale, two weeks after the massive earthquake, measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale, struck the country.

The Gongabu area of Kathmandu, which was worst hit by the April 25 earthquake, bore the brunt of today’s massive jolt, with around a dozen structures that were weakened by the earlier quake caving in. More than 100 people were injured and few people were feared missing. No deaths were reported till late in evening.

Dr Yam Duwa, Managing Director, Vinayak Hospital in Gongabu, said more than 60 people had received treatment by 5pm at the emergency makeshift wards installed in open space in front of the hospital immediately after the quake hit Kathmandu. “There is no damage in our structures, but we are not psychologically stable. We will stay here overnight and think about shifting tomorrow,” he said.

He added that UML leader Yogesh Bhattarai had coordinated to send a five-member medical team, with medical equipment and tents, from Thailand to treat the injured.

Dr Duwa said most of the patients were injured while running due to the panic.

“An elderly woman had injury on her head when a bike hit her while she was running after the earthquake,” he said.

In Mitranagar near New Bus Park in Gongabu, where there are hundreds of guests houses, a house turned into rubble after the quake.

The road leading the Mitranagar was littered with shattered glasses and debris. None of the structures seem to be standing straight with most of them leaning to varied degrees.

Television sets and beds, signifying most of the collapsed buildings were guest houses and hotels, were seen all around when a USAID team reached with a dog for search and rescue operation.

Two six-storey houses collapsed in Samakhusi. Rescue teams of different countries have been working to locate survivors and rescue them. Locals suspected that at least three children were playing in the area when the quake struck.

Constituent Assembly member Bhimsen Das Pradhan and UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai had reached the site. Pradhan said many of the houses of the area have had developed cracks and that they could collapse anytime.

Security personnel claimed that at least a dozen buildings including six guest houses collapsed in Gongabu and surrounding areas today.

Locals, once again, have started living in the tents in open spaces.

Source: THT