Glacial lake burst triggers floods in Solu

Glacial lake burst triggers floods in Solu

A glacial lake burst in Hongu VDC in Solukhumbhu district, triggering flood s downstream on Thursday.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) is preparing to send a technical team to Solukhumbu for onsite inspection on Friday, informed Director General at DHM Rishiram Sharma.

The Hunga River suddenly flood ed following the outburst of the glacial lake, causing the people living downstream settlements to panic.

“There are five glacial lakes in a row in Hongu VDC,” Director General Sharma told eKantipur. “We have guessed that one or two small glacial lakes could have burst.”

Secretary at the Home Ministry Surya Prasad Silwal also drew the attention of the department to conduct onsite study upon learning about the flood ing in the river. The department has directed the flood forecasting technicians to keep round-the-clock vigil.

Source: eKantipur