Girl found dead in Gaushala hotel, man arrested

Police on Thursday arrested a 27-year-old man for his alleged involvement in killing a girl in a hotel room in Gaushala, few hours after the girl’s body was the dead body of girl was recovered.

The arrested has been identified as Abinash Thing of Mahakali VDC-9 of Sindhuli district and had been living with the grandfather of the deceased girl.

Eighteen-year-old Soniya Shrestha, who had checked in at Gaushala Hotel along with the arrested man on Wednesday night, was found dead in the hotel room at around 7 am Thursday. The man, who had checked in at the hotel with fake identity and contact details, was at large before the police intervened, SSP Uttam Karki, Chief of Metropolitan Police Range Office, Kathmandu, said.

But following complaints, police arrested Thing from KMC Hospital in Sinamangal at 10:30 am. The girl was found strangled to death with the help of a handkerchief.

According to initial police investigation, the cause of the murder was extra marital relationship. As the accused Thing is a father of two children and has wife in the village, he was not in the position to continue the relationship with the girl, SSP Karki. “After the girl insisted that they get married, the man decided to kill her in a fit of anger,” SSP Karki said citing man’s confession.

The two were in relationship for the last three years and had been living in Pathharkot-3 of Sarlahi disrict.

SSP Karki has also urged the hotel and lodge operators to keep proper identity details of their guests. He said police will take serious action if any hotel/lodge is found to have not maintained identity details of its guests, he said.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police Circle Office, Gaushala has arrested a hooligan Nishan Gurung aka Ashim, 23, in the charge of extorting businessman, entrepreneurs in Chabahil, Gaushala, Ratopul, Kalopul area. According to DSP Surendra Mainali of Metropolitan Police Circle, Gaushala, police have also arrested Jeetendra Tamang of Dhading on the charge of duping people under the pretext of exchanging money with fake USD. Police found 350 USD in his possession.

Source: MyRepublica