Geologists begin study in Langtang area

Geologists begin study in Langtang area

A group of geologists deputed by the Department of Mines and Geology has begun the study of fissures and cracks emerged in different parts of the district with the recent destructive earthquakes.

According to Chief District Officer Uddhav Prasad Bhattarai, the team reached Rasuwagadhi area and began the study. After the study, the team will suggest whether the places are safe to live any longer.

At a time when the people from many villages are worrying over whether their settlements were in safe soil, the teams’ finding would be very useful to that end, said civil society chair in the district Babulal Tamang.

Meanwhile, the locals have suggested individuals and organizations not to go to the Langtang region without any preparedness in the name of study and inspection.

Chief of Police in the district, Pravin Pokharel, however said anyone going to Langtang area for search of their loved ones caught in the disaster could go by informing and coordinating with the police.

Source: eKantipur