Gaur tension expands toward borderland

Protests continued in Rautahat district headquarters Gaur after the talks between protestors and the government failed to make any headway.

The agitators even intensified the protests and expanded the demonstrations toward areas bordering with India on Monday afternoon.

Federation of the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), in collaboration with various political parties and civil society organisations, has been imposing an indefinite general strike in the town since Wednesday demanding that the government scrap its decision to open land revenue and survey service centres in Chandranigahapur of the district.

A group of protestors hurled a petrol bomb to an Armed Police Force (APF) camp in Laxmipur Belbichhuwa, a villager bordering with India, in the district.

Police claimed that they, however, have maintained decency and have been using moderate force to disperse the protesting mobs.

Meanwhile, few dozen Indian people opened fires toward the APF camp from the no man’s land, police said.

Around 100 Indian people had joined the protests with locals of Rautahat, according to police.

Security has been beefed up in Gaur as well as other parts of the district.

Earlier, the government team including high officials of Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, the Redional Administration Office and the District Administration Office had held talks with the representatives of protestors at the Gaur Municipality office last night.

The talks that begun at around 10:30 pm yesterday had lasted upto at around 1 am.

The dialogues could not turn fruitful as the agitators were adamant on their demand that Ram Ashish Thakur, who died in a police van hit on Friday, be declared a martyr.

Though the government revoked the decision to open service centres on Friday, protestors have continued demonstrations putting forth other demands including status of martyr to Thakur.

Government and private offices, enterprises and academic institutions remained closed in the town for the consecutive sixth day. Traffic was also obstructed.

Source: THT